Un Jardin Sur Le Toit (Hermes)

By Dane
We've arrived at the fourth installment in Jean-Claude Ellena's garden-series for Hermes, and to my nose, possibly the best yet. I'll skip over the comments on innovation and the like...this isn't going to break any new ground. What it does is smell good....plain and simple.

The Jardin series, for me, is all about fruit. We started with fig, moved on to mango, then melon, and we've arrived at something slightly less exotic. The topnote of Toit is a juicy rendition on the lovely smell of a fresh green apple....but surprisingly, Toit soon moves toward floral territory and, instead of recalling one of its garden-sisters, reminds me most of Kelly Caleche (not a bad thing in itself).

As a side note, I have to say that it's rare for an advertised note to take me by surprise. I've read everything from licking-a-battery to unicorn tears...but compost? Brilliant. ps - you won't smell any rotting garbage or manure in here.

Good clean fun.

Year: 2011
Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena
Notes: apple, pear, rose, green grass, basil, magnolia and compost notes


  1. Agree: Nice and clean.
    Though, the Jardin series especially Un Jardin après la Mousson has been known not to age very well. It could be secondary to the synthetic molecular compositions (aquatic-marine variety) used by JC Ellena. But, I do like this one's concept, it has a freshness and simplicity to it.

    And yet... hmm, majority of Hermès perfumes are meant specifically to be just "worn", i.e. used as a consumer and some of them are very season-specific as well.
    => Nothing wrong with that.
    But that titillation of the aesthetic sense which 24Faubourg or Terre D'Hermès extrait provides is lacking among others.
    You know, if you are going to spill out five good ones for the masses, then why not one for the discerning clients as well.

    And they ought to keep their eyes peeled to what Guerlain has become under the umbrella of 'pure capitalism'.
    However, all said and done, Hermès-clan probably does realise that they have unfailing support for what they are trying to accomplish and maintain.

  2. compost! Wow. Who'd a thunk.

  3. Have you tried the Kelly Caleche parfum? If you are a fan of the edt or the edp (especially the edp) you have to try it. Seriously. Sure, it's crazy expensive, but it pops up at an affordable rate on ebay every once in a while.

    The parfum is CRAZY good. First, it's mega potent, almost eye wateringly so when you first spray. In the first hour, I'd say it's nothing too special over the edp. But it lasts forever on skin (and a week on fabric) and the dry down is so good. It's more animalic, more leathery and very provocative. I spray it on a handkerchief and carry it around for a week. I'm a girl but this would work well on a man, in my opinion.

    I am picking up a bottle of Jardin sur le Toit on Monday. If it's similar to KC, it's going to be a winner for me!

  4. Okay, Dane.
    I hauled my carcass over to Hermès Boutique early am and sampled it again.
    Apple, pears and sweetish aquatic smells, no compost in sight.... but then I made the grave error of sampling Terre D'Hermès Parfum extrait at the same time. I couldn't resist since a fresh bottle was sitting right there... UJ sur le Toit just collapsed.
    10 minutes later, I placed that sample in front of a friend, perfum-o-phile as well, who finally said it for me:
    "Nice, clean shampoo-like, body wash scent".
    And yes, the TdH blotter got the expected ooh-aahs as usual.
    See, that's what I meant.

  5. thanks for the review dane, I love JCE and the jardin series, but the notes on this one frighten me a little... but your review restores my confidence.

    also, thanks, gator grad, for the tip on the kelly caleche parfum. I love kc, so I'll have to hunt the parfum down!


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