Vetiver / Granville (Dior)

By Dane
I've been anxious to try the new Dior Couturier line...I'll start today with the "masculines". To my nose, the series seems to be broken down into what I would classify as: 2 for boys (reviewed here), 2 for girls (New Look 1947, Milly-la-Foret), 2 for either (Leather Oud, Mitzah), and a cologne (Cologne Royale). Obviously anyone could wear any of them (I certainly plan on it), but people love classification, so there you have it.


If there was one scent that could compete with Chanel's Sycomore, I would think Dior's Vetiver would be it. Guerlain's Vetiver gets more and more pale every year (although still excellent), and Givenchy's Vetyver still tops many-a-list, but lacks mystery. Dior addition to the game take a bit of Guerlain's bitter-citrus topnotes, transitions into a quality, simple heart, and dries down to something close to Hermes' Vetiver Tonka, without the obvious gourmande aspects. Good stuffs.


Immediate impressions would leave one with only two words - Eau Sauvage. Luckily, this isn't a simple repackaging, but what seems to my nose an excellent painting of a mature man wearing Eau Sauvage. Acrid, musty, very classical, and frankly, not at all my thing. If I want to smell like a guy, Vetiver would be my choice, but I can see Granville acquiring a steady following of dandies and those who purchase gifts for them.

Year: 2010
Perfumer: Francois Demachy
Notes - Vetiver: Grapefruit, coffee, vetiver
Notes - Granville: Lemon, thyme, black pepper

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