Jicky EDT (Guerlain)

By Dane

This ole' girl ain't what she used to be. Jicky is considered to be the first "real perfume" (ie - using synthetics), and although still very much a pleasant fragrance, lacks some of what made her special to begin with.

Keep in mind before I continue, that today I'm specifically speaking of the Eau de Toilette formulation of Jicky. Guerlain is notorious for having each concentration of any particular scent not smell like the others. In this rare case, the Eau de Toilette is favoured by many due to it's sparkling topnotes and demure composition. What detracts me from the EDT is the lack of depth and substance that you find in the EDP and extrait.

Having said all this, the EDT is still a marvelous fragrance - a bright citrus and lavender topnote, followed by "aromatic notes", as Guerlain puts it (spices, herbs, etc.), and finally a warmer, vanillic drydown. One thing lacks in the current EDT that really made Jicky what it was - a big poopey civet note. If you really bury you nose into your wrist, you might catch the tiniest hint, but this was not the case previously. Civet was the only thing I noticed the first time I smelled Jicky, and is what I miss the most in this formulation. It's almost as if someone watered down the formula tenfold and came up with a pleasant Eau de Cologne-like scent (don't we already have Eau du Coq for that?)

Historically important and unmistakably Guerlain, Jicky should be part of everyone's collection...just make sure to get the EDP (or better yet, Mouchoir de Monsieur).

Year: 1889
Perfumer: Aimé Guerlain
Notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Rose, Fern Harmony (Aromatic Notes, Earthy Forest Notes, Pelargonium), Tonka Bean, Wood Notes, Vanilla, Opoponax

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