Daim Blond (Serge Lutens)

By Dane

Alright, after realizing that my sample of Daim Blond was indeed mismarked, I'm going to revise my thoughts on the scent. For those of you who ran out to buy the scent I described earlier...umm...my bad.

Back to Daim Blond. I stand by my previous comments of suede smelling no different than leather, but possibly referring to the softness in texture and overall feeling. DB (still) opens with a fruity apricot note, and this time leather does indeed join the party. It's a very soft leather, however, and if it wasn't pointed it out to me, I may not have noticed its presence. A beautiful iris note is also evident in the earlier stages of the scent, and adds to the rich feeling of the leather.

The fruit note sticks around for the life of the scent. As the other notes fade, the fruit becomes a little on the cloying side, and a sweet honey note becomes more prominent. I can also smell something incense-like in the base, and something remotely animalic. Complex nuances make DB very intruiging and enjoyable. This is the type of scent that could easily be passed-off as nothing noteable upon your first encounter with it, but its hidden facets are quite extraoridnary and worth the study.

Year: 2004
Perfumer: Christopher Sheldrake
Notes: Leather, Iris, Apricot Kernel, Musk, Hawthorn, Jasmine, Cardamom, Heliotrope

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