Iris (Odori) & Bois d'Argent (Dior)

By Dane

If you frequent various fragrance blogs and discussion boards, there is one subject that reoccurs: "this smells exactly like that", etc. There are genius examples of reinterpretations of previous works, and then there are just blatant copies. If you find a copy that's half the price of the original, or the original is no longer available, then you've found quite the gem. In the case of Odori's Iris, I can't help but draw comparisons to Dior's Bois d'Argent and wonder why anyone would pay more for the copy?

Both Odori's and Dior's fragrances are sweet interpretations on iris. I will say that Odori does have more focus on the iris, but lacks the seamless blending and elegance of Bois d'Argent. BdA's stunning honeyed iris and leather combination was bound to leave an impression on the industry, and one could even say that it was a direct influence on the sweet tobacco-iris combination in Dior Homme.

Odori's offerings come in a "rugged" (tacky) wood encased bottle with a leather top. BdA come in a beautifully minimal bottle designed (in part) by Hedi Slimane. The choice is yours.

Iris (Odori)
Year: 2008
Notes: Star Anise, Heliotrope, Ylang Ylang, Iris, Amber, Vanilla

Bois d'Argent (Dior)
Year: 2004
Perfumer: Annick Menardo
Notes: Iris, Incense, Honey, Leather


  1. Any idea where one might be able to find Bois d'Argent in the US? Thanks.

  2. It can usually be found at Dior counters in upscale department stores. Online, it can be found (most of the time) on It's also sold at Dior Homme boutiques globally.

  3. It seems that eLuxury doesn't carry it anymore... Thanks, anyhow (that was quick :)

  4. They're out of stock at the moment:

    In Toronto, it's stocked at the Dior counter at Holt Renfew, which is our luxury department store. I'm sure it would be the same at something like Barney's. Good luck!

  5. How were you able to get hold of this scent? I've been looking everywhere with no luck :( If you can provide any info on where I can purchase Bois d'Argent stateside, it would be greatly appreciated :)

  6. Lula, this is a pretty old post, but I believe this is still part of the Dior collection and can be purchased at their boutiques exclusively.


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