Cologne (Thierry Mugler)

By Dane

Since my first encounter with Cologne, I've been a fan. A great, easy to wear, clean and fresh scent. For some reason though, I had never purchased a bottle...and I'm not sure why. I'll admit that the colour of the juice, the cyborg bottle and the haunting image of A*men dissuaded me. Not to mention the initial release of Cologne came in giant splash bottles...something us North Americans frown upon. What? No spray? How on earth do I get it on???

Alas, Cologne has made its way into my collection...and its about time! All it took was for someone to generously gift it to me.

As far as descriptions go, Cologne is hard to pin down. Its very much a simple, synthetic musk (notes include a mystery ingredient called "S", which I assume it the synthetic used in vast quantities in the composition). Some citrus and floral notes tame things a bit and add a feminine appeal. Although marketed as unisex, you're more likely to find Cologne at the men's counter.

A brilliantly futuristic update on the classic Eau de Cologne, paired with an updated 90's-style white musk that avoids the typical laundry detergent smell.

Don't wait for someone to buy you a bottle.

Year: 2001
Perfumer: Alberto Morillas
Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain, Orange Flower, White Musk, "S"

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